The Onion Knight Project

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   Several years have passed since the end of the second Jyhad. Peace has returned to the country, and all is well.
   Then one day Relm Sarin is kidnapped by Garland, a renegade knight. The Onion Knights rescue her, and discover Garland's fiendish plan to ressurect the evil god Chaos, and bathe the world in darkness. Only the Onion Knights can stop the plan, but it may already be too late...

   Welcome to the Onion Knight Project, OKP for short. This project started when Councilor Cyprus changed the original character sprites in Final Fantasy I to new Onion Knight sprites. It then quickly spiraled out of control, and now, after several months of hard work (spaced randomly throughout the last year and a half) we have a game that barely resembles the original. We're still testing it, and we're not sure where any bugs might be.
   OKP was built using FFHackster, a neat little program that allows you to change many things in Final Fantasy I. Well, we changed everything FFHackster would let us, and weren't satisfied. Using Cyprus and a good hex editor, we altered the game even more. So now we have 5 letter names, a new character select screen, and no white bars obscuring the battle field (admittedly, there wasn't much being concealed, just more black void. But we like black void). Many of the graphics have been completely replaced, including the characters, most of the overworld tile set, and pretty much every monster graphic. Final Fantasy I only dreamed of looking this good.

   Interestingly enough, Kinguin has discovered a way to clone people. He can only make up to three clones of a person. Any more would would distort the fabric of reality and cause the universe to implode. In fact, the Onion Knights themselves are so powerful that if more than four of them are in a group at any one time, the universe wouldn't be able to handle the sheer amounts of awesome present, and the universe would explode. So, no more than four to a group, sorry.

   OKP was built by the combined efforts of Atheme Tethen, Abaddon Daemon, and Cyprus Galahe (aka MacLizard). The game on which it is based, Final Fantasy I, was created by Square, and, as the game used to point out at every possible opportunity, programed by Nasir. We found a way around Nasir, though, so you'll never see his name in the game.

Before and After

Fight against some Imps

Out on the town

The Overworld

Random Screens

A dragon is a force of nature unto itself. Thou mayest as well seek to fight a volcano, or the very earth itself!It doesn't get any better than this. Cause the universe would implode.

Download OKP. You will need a NES emulator to play it, but you have to do that on your own.

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