Houses of the Knighthood

The Great Onion Knighthood was, at one point, a primarily religious organization. Founded by Vesovius Emle in the service of the Church of Serene, the Knighthood was an organization of warrior-priests who protected the realm and maintained peace. When the Cainites instigated the Arocaen, the Knighthood expanded to include Selene's sister religions, Loren and Eidr. After the Arocaen the three churches united as one, and became their own division within the Knighthood. Knights wore cerimonial garb in the color of the church they supported, and even after the churches united, the colors stayed. A knight's colors became based on the set of Virtues he supported. Due to this, the knights were grouped by the colors they wore, and the groups were called 'Robes'. Those who supported Loren's Virtues were called White Robes; those who supported Selene were called Red Robes; and those who supported Eidr were called Black Robes. Before long, the groups were standardized and became an official part of the Knighthood. Their official name became 'Houses' and each House was named based on the original Churches. In informal situations, they are still referred to as Robes by many of the knights.

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