The Onion Knight Comic
Over the course of the Onion Knight Project, we've come up with a great number of spoofs of our own work. This comic gives form to these spoofs. A warning, though: A lot of the jokes can only be understood by us, so if something seems unfunny, we're probably getting a kick out of it.

[100]   Test: Guard Duty
[101]   Don't go in there
[102]   You just heard me wrong
[103]   The terror of Jegan Road
[104]   Introducing Onion Knight Skyy!
[105]   The Mage Jim Saga: Pyrotechnic
[106]   The situation in Vantrisk
[107]   Two people are very excited

Inevitable Disclaimer: Some images are property of Square-Enix. They are used without permission, and we'll probably be shut down or sued someday (though not necessarily by them). Don't say I didn't warn you.