Myris Phare

737 SE
Knight of the Moon, Sorceror, Lord Justice

Myris was born with a heavy destiny. He was part of the esteemed Phare clan, which had ruled over the Cainites from the time of the Jyhad. An oracle predicted that one day, Myris would lead his people to freedom. When he was a child, he was given a blessing from the Cainite's god, Vaelius. The blessing endowed him with supernatural speed and power, and few Cainites could keep up with him. The prophesied destiny, as well as the blessing from Vaelius, made him the most respected of the Cainites. When he was 20 years old, he was given a Cainite sacred relic, the Soul Scythe, which had been forged in the Arocaen. In 766, Myris led the last remnant of the Cainites from Mount Cainis to Felthespar. Rather than bringing war on their ancient enemies, Myris sought peace. To prove their loyalty, the Cainites aided the Onion Knights in the war against Vantrisk. Afterwards, Myris joined the Knighthood.

Almost immediately upon his arrival, Myris befriended Cildar Emle. The two trained together, and Cildar told many stories about the exploits of the Knighthood. Cildar's prominent sense of justice inspired Myris to find his own justice, and to this end, he joined the Dictus. Myris proved himself to be a capable, wise, and fair Justice of the Knighthood.

Aside from the time he spends with Cildar, Myris tends to be a loner. There are few people he would call friend. Even among his own people, where he is highly respected, there are few who are friends. This gives Myris a somewhat dark personality, and he reflects that in his attire. Whenever he is in public, he wears his face concealing mask. No knight has seen what he truly looks like.