Leprue Messe

694 SE
Knight of the Moon, Warlock, Bishop, Eldram

Leprue was the child of an upper-class family, and he was always given everything he wanted. He received education suitable for a rich gentleman, studying social graces, conversation, and fencing, with few intellectual pursuits. As he grew older this left him dissatisfied, and he felt there was something else he needed that his parents could not provide. He left his family at 16 to become a knight. Using his learned social skills, he developed his charisma and soon was friends with everybody. At 20, his refined sword skills earned him the rank of Gold Knight, and his popularity got him elected to the Military Council.

In 716, Leprue met Calvin Darmani, and the two became close friends. As a token of their friendship Calvin gave Leprue his sword, called the Sword of Serral. Not long after, Leprue convinced Calvin to join the Knighthood.

Leprue never stopped working to please the people around him, and he travelled to every branch of the knighthood, becoming friends with anyone and everyone. Soon he was referred to as 'the Man of the People'. When the Grand Council had an opening for Councilor to the Eldram, Leprue was selected for the position. In 755, when Calvin left on his quest, Leprue was elected as Lord Grand Councilor. He served his people in this way for 11 years, then passed the title on to Atheme and resumed his former position. Although Leprue is 76 years old, an unknown magic from the Sword of Serral keeps him looking like he's 35.