Kinguin Peet

724 SE
Lord Archmagus, Eldram

From the moment Kinguin was born it was apparent that he was something special. He was the son—one of many—of a poor, working class family. They could not be bothered to educate their children, so Kinguin taught himself to read when he was 5 years old. When he was 6, he ran away from home and ended up at the Tower of Halariu. The Heralds took him in, made him an apprentice, and began his formal education. At the age of 11 he demanded his entrance test, and became a full-fledged Herald. He quickly mastered every training course offered, and began his own independant rune studies when he was 13. Kinguin met Calvin several times during his studies, and soon began to work with him on his magical theories and experiments. His masterful control and deep understanding of the nature of runes attracted the attention of the Arcanum High Council, and in 742, at age 18, he was made a Councilor. That same year he was granted the rank of Archmagus in Advanced Heraldry. Kinguin had such a good time being on the Arcanum council that he decided being on the Grand Council would probably be fun to do in his spare time. In 752, he was accepted on the Grand Council as Councilor to the Arcanum.

Kinguin never stops working on his projects. He gets disgusted with his peers when they suggest there is no way to solve a problem. Kinguin's philosophy is that if there is no way, then you have to make one. Kinguin has never let the limitations of standard Arcanum scripts slow him down. He often devises new rune languages to solve his problems. When he proposed his Heraldic Automatons, everyone said he was crazy, and that it was impossible. Kinguin quickly showed them that nothing was impossible. Kinguin is not afraid of letting everyone know how great he is. People call him cocky, arrogant, and full of himself (though only when he's not around), but the fact is, he's actually as powerful as he claims.