Cildar Emle

735 SE
Knight of the Moon, Paladin, Phoenix Dragoon

Cildar was born with his destiny already in hand. The eldest child of the Emle family, Cildar was the sole heir of all that the family held, and was raised with in knowledge that he would one day be responsible for upholding the Emle fortune, prestige, and bloodline. He was educated in all matters concerning Felthespar, its history, and how to be a part of its ruling class. As with all firstborn Emle sons, he began training to be a knight when he was 8 years old. Determined, ambitious, and exceptionally talented, Cildar put his heart and soul into his training, striving for the excellence that defined him and his family. When he was 14 years old, he was formally accepted as a Knight.

By the time he was 16, Cildar felt he was the equal of any soldier in skill on the battlefield and, determined to prove it, he challenged a Platinum Knight to a duel. The older Knight defeated Cildar in a matter of minutes, exploiting Cildar's weakness and blind spots and never letting him land a single blow. Cildar learned then that strength wasn't all there was to being a good Knight. On the advice of the Knight who bested him, he joined the Templars and began to study Holy magic as well as expanding his strategic abilities, becoming a Guardian at 17. Within three years, his skill and devotion had earned him the ranks of Gold Knight and Lord Templar, and his keen mind and leadership abilities drew him into the Phoenix Dragoons.

In 755 SE, when Cildar was 20, his father joined Calvin's ill-fated expedition to Elzanirusal, leaving Cildar in charge of both managing the Emle estate, and in managing his 13-year-old brother Cyprus. Though he never felt it right that his younger brother was essentially disinherited from birth, he had learned to accept it. With their mother having died when Cyprus was born, Cildar had often found himself responsible for raising young Cyrpus properly, but after their father left, Cildar was able to be more inclusive of his brother while still upholding Emle traditions. Cildar now defined what it meant to be an Emle, and his choice was one of justice, and benevolence. It was no surprise then that when he was 29, he was named Lord of the Phoenix within the Dragoons, and selected by General Karfa to be the new Lord of House Lurin on the Military Council. In 766 SE, he took a wife, marrying Jessandra, the 19 year-old daughter of another noble family. Two years later, he leveraged his victory in the Vantrisk Rebellion and the support of Lord Councilor Atheme Tethen to take the place of Councilor Jorra as Grand Councilor to the Military, and ascend to the Celestial rank of Knight of the Moon.

Cildar is a true White Robe, championing the virtues of House Lurin with minimal effort. He is respected by everyone for his strong sense of justice and fairness, his honesty, and his noble bearing. He develops strong bonds of camaraderie with all of his own, whether it be the Knights under Lurin's banner, the Dragoon corps he leads, or even the very city and nation his family is such an inextricable part of.