Aveni Leman Fresar Landes

717 SE

Born the heir of the affluent Landes merchant family, Aveni lacked for nothing as a child. His parents lavished him with the finest of everything, including the best private tutor they could afford, a bishop and member of the Eldram. It was from this tutor that he found his true calling. While his brothers and sister were content to learn what they needed to become good merchants, Aveni wanted to learn about philosophy, life sciences, metaphysics, and theology. He realized that rather than joining his family's trade business, he wanted to spend his life in service of Pecoros, spreading compassion and establising an orderly and idyllic society. Aveni began training as an acolyte, and was officially ordained in 737 SE, at the age of 20.

Aveni quickly became a force within the Church, known for his grace, his deep theological insight, and his near miraculous skill at sacred Healing magic. He was devoted to the Church, quickly establishing himself as a leader and garnering a strong following from the numerous projects he was head of. His influence grew as he spent his 20s writing well-received treatises on theology and Church doctrine. When he was 27, he was appointed as one of the youngest ever Cardinals, and granted use of the Holy Staff of Ainshen.

As a Cardinal, Aveni continued to expand his service, leading several Low Councils which he often represented at High Council meetings. As he felt the Church was the proper cornerstone of Felthespari life, he likewise felt that the presence and goals of the Church needed to be more fully integrated with Felthespari politics, and drafted many proposals for the Grand Council. When the seat was vacated in 752 SE, Aveni was able to convince almost the entire priesthood to nominate him for the position. He was accepted on to the Grand Council, and has been serving there ever since in addition to his normal and never-neglected duties as a priest and Cardinal.