Atheme Tethen

738 SE
Knight of the Sun, Sorceror, Guardian

Atheme grew up as an orphan on the streets of Felthespar, but he tried to approach his dreary future with hope, always looking for a path to a better life. That way came in a chance encounter with Lord Grand Councilor Calvin Darmani in 746 SE. Atheme impressed the elder statesman with his determination and ingenuity, so Calvin took him on as his ward. At the insistence of the Grand Council, Calvin began training Atheme as a Knight, teaching the unsually skilled boy to expertly handle any weapon, and to be a master of the Arcanum's Heraldry, the Holy and Healing magic of the Church, and the Military's Barriers and Blessings. The adventures of the Boy in Red became legend, and he officially joined the Knighthood as a Knight of House Saelen in 754 SE, at the age of 16. A year later, Calvin left on his final journey, and Atheme was left alone again.

Above all alse, Atheme believes in the greatness of Felthespar, despite recognizing its shortcomings. After he recovered from the news of Calvin's death, he was determined to help his country like Calvin had. He put his training, skills, and natural leadership ability to good use, ranking Silver Knight at 17, Gold Knight at 20, and afterwards being selected as Lord of House Saelen on the Military Council. He still aspired to greater heights, so he leveraged his position, as well as contact with Leprue Messe, to became good friends with all of the Grand Councilors. When the Daemon appeared in Ducall Forest, he was sent by Leprue to subdue it. His victory was a great step forward, as Felthespar declared him a hero and he had fans everywhere he went. When Leprue stepped down as Lord Grand Councilor in 768 SE, Atheme was selected to take his place.

Though Atheme's continuation of Calvinist Rennaisance policies has earned him some political enemies, he is generally well-liked and respected throughout the populace and government. He takes his duties as Lord Grand Councilor and legacy as the scion of Calvin seriously, working with every branch of the Knighthood to solve problems and advance the glory of Felthespar. He is a charming, endearing gentleman, with a true friend in Abaddon, and a true love in Relm.