Abaddon Daemon

747 SE
Knight of the Sun, Lord Templar

Abaddon is a mysterious person, even to those who know him best. He first appeared in the Ducall Forest, terrorizing travelers and merchants. He fought against Atheme and was defeated. Afterwards he joined the Knighthood at Atheme's request, on the condition that he could fight Atheme again.

Abaddon's strength and skill are legendary throughout the Knighthood, where everyone calls him 'Destroyer'. Within three years of joining the Knighthood, at the age of 19, he received the rank Knight of the Moon. His only passion is fighting, and if it were up to him that's all he would do. But because of Atheme's influence, he has many other duties. People view him as cold and anti-social, which is fine with him. He has a deep insight into all sorts of matters, and notices small details that people overlook. Because of this and his sharp, calculating mind, he can often solve problems that stymie other people. When the Grand Council's Champion Gaspar died in an attack on Revian, it was this quality that got him elected. He is a lone wolf, and his only friends are Atheme and Kulara.