may 15, 2010 05:34pm

Our Status

Now that we've established the purpose of the journal, let's get started with a status update.

First of all, for anyone who doesn't know, our works are now all readable through the website. I developed a custom web-interface to the novels so that anyone can read them without me having to distribute it individually to people who have interest. So far this is working out well for us.

We recently changed the naming scheme of the first series of novels. The entire trilogy has been dubbed "Daemon's Song", and each of the novels represents a different arc of the story. Since each novel is, itself, actually comprised of 3 story arcs, this really means that Daemon's Song is a nine-arc story.

Each arc has an individual name, but for now I'll stick to the novel-level. The first novel is "Felthespar", the home city of the Onionknights. The second novel is "Arkalen", the new continent that was introduced in DS: Felthespar. The final novel is "Magus", so-named for... well, the pivotal figure of the plot.

Chapter 23 of Daemon's Song: Magus is hot off the proverbial presses. It's a slow chapter, some cooldown from the major events that happened in Chapter 22. Chapter 24 will feature a reunion of some of our scattered-to-the-winds characters, and Chapter 25 will wrap up the second arc of Magus.

Other events: We've released our first canon Short Story. This short story is canon for 2 reasons. 1. It's the first one we've ever written to completion and 2. It doesn't yet violate other canon. Keep in mind, until we build an official "Short Story Collection" novel, all short stories are subject to have their canon status revoked.

Ive been working mainly on improving the backend technologies to the site, so all of the front-ends are still a bit of a mess. I'd say we're looking better than we ever have before, but anyone who goes diving through our HTML sources will find it atrocious and unmanned. Im hoping over time I'll find the patience to trim these up and shift all of the inline styles out to our CSS, but I make no promises.

Atheme, for his part, is working on a couple of things. First, he's working on a full line of short stories featured around two of the pillars of the previous generation of the Knighthood: Calvin Darmani and Leprue Messe. More importantly, however, he's working on the newest revision of our beloved Field Guide. This document contains the basic tenants of our universe, and the one currently featured on the website is woefully behind. We've probably increased the amount of information available by at least tenfold, and Atheme's sorting through it in order to produce a single, accurate document.

We also have further plans for the website. I have aspirations to add more advanced user profiles, as well as rewriting our old "Generate your own Knight" utility into a more interesting modern equivalent. We'd also like to make our own forum eventually, but I'll probably wait to see membership increases first.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of the site is currently to get the word out about our novels. If you like fantasy, anime, videogames, comic books, or general nerdery, give them a read and see what you think. If you like them, spread the word around. For now, this shall be our mission. Long live The Great Onion Knighthood.

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