may 15, 2010 04:50pm

Step 1, accomplished.

Alright, I'm fairly happy with the initial layout of the journal. Some color tweaking may be in order in the near future, but for now, I'll let it be.

So, let's get into what this is to be used for.

We currently keep the front page up to date with an assortment of random pieces of information, but we try to keep it fairly formal and to-the-point, for any newcomers who stumble across our site.

The Journal, on the other hand, is to be completely informal. In addition to Onionknight related news, it's going to be a place for various anecdotes about the history of the Onionknights, currently running projects, and also random technology nuggets I stumble across here and there. So it's truly a writer/developer "blog" (that may be the last time you ever see me use that word).

In the future, we may make certain to equip all of the Onionknight camarilla with the ability to post tidbits here, but certainly for the near future, it will only be Atheme and myself.

And with that, voila! I announce The Great Onion Knighthood Journal!

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