january 03, 2019 04:01pm

Kargaroth: The official release of our first novel

After all these years, tomorrow is the big day. Nearly 17 years of work and rewrites by our estimation, but our first novel is finally being released in physical form, although not the way we dreamed it. A lot has changed over the past decade or so, and I wound up functioning as our book designer, publisher, and providing the funding for the endeavour. We started a new imprint for this, called Icerabbit Publishing, a pun that we're pretty tickled by.

On top of the publishing work, Onionknight and I together made a *huge* push to get not one but *two* final proofread/edits runs through the novel in the final stages. Additionally additionally, I'm still working on our marketing campaign, which is pretty nontraditional and viral. To say the least, the last quarter of the year has been exhausting. It's kind of funny working on a book for 17 years, then at the end feeling like you needed more time.

Aside from that, we've also put a lot of time into getting the old website back up and shipshape. Our forum regulars will know that for a long time there, we had removed all references to the site entirely and standardized on just the forum. This was partly because we felt like the old site didn't have enough content anymore. Turns out we were pretty mistaken, really... once we started digging around and finding some of our old content, even though a lot of it's unfinished, it adds up to a pretty impressive collection of works. There's definitely more we'd like to see, particular further work on the OK Comic and D&D SRD. We've also contacted our new artist and are working through getting new works of art for all of the Grand Councilors. Very excited for that.

I think that's about all of the site-specific updates for now. As always, more to come.

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